What we can offer you

Our Project Management Approach


From consult and takeoff to production and final file delivery,
you can expect to get the guidance and high-quality product you need
and the customized, courteous service you deserve.

Aerial Photography

From bird’s-eye views to close ups,

our high resolution cameras will

capture every detail of your subject

to bring powerful insights to your project

Aerial Videography

Achieve a brand new perspective

with stunning 4k footage that will

inspire your audience and

turn your story into an experience

Full Productions

Take advantage of our state of the art
production studio by combining our aerial- and
ground-based footage into a produced video ready
to air as a commercial or post on social media


Keep your feet planted firmly

on the ground as you safely view

every aspect of your subject

on our high definition monitors in real time


Go beyond satellite imagery

and achieve an interactive map

of your property that is

as useful as it is precise

Media Processing

Our team will edit,

color correct and sharpen

your project pictures and videos

using professional media editing software

Are drone aerial media services for you?

Here are some ways that a variety of industries can
employ and benefit from an aerial perspective:

Real estate

Real Estate

Make Your Listing Stand Out From Similar Properties.
  • Enhance listings and reduce market time with impressive aerial views.
  • Use professionally edited interior and exterior photos and videos.
  • Create a fantastic video tour to highlight your selling points.
Services for you: Edited Photos & Videos | Full Productions


Elevate Your Story To Boost Engagement And Sales.
  • Add inspiration to marketing materials and presentations.
  • Create compelling video content or even finished TV commercials.
  • Outsource your content creation for social media.
Services for you: Edited Photos & Videos | Full Productions
A local construction site


Map Your Site And Monitor Progress To Stay Ahead Of Schedule.
  • Use high-resolution maps to accurately assess progress and view your project.
  • Engage your design with a 3D model of the work-site.
  • Inspect buildings and equipment without sending a worker into danger.
Services for you: Mapping | Inspections | Pictures


Showcase Your Events And Provide A Valuable Service To Clients.
  • Advertise and promote events with specialized photos and videos.
  • Venues can offer photos and videos from a new perspective.
  • Enjoy your event over and over with a produced video with highlights.
Services for you: Edited Photos & Videos | Full Productions
Boat with a wake


Verify Claims And Inspect Properties Without Leaving The Office.
  • Receive assistance with inspections of property.
  • View damage to roofing or other tall objects with ease.
  • Receive same-day confirmation of claims with video and picture evidence.
Services for you: Videos | Inspections | Photos


Complete Dangerous Inspections And Identify Problems Before Climbing A Ladder.
  • Keep workers out of danger by using drones to perform inspections.
  • Accurately and quickly assess problems to save time and money.
  • Receive pictures and videos to perform inspections without even going into the field.
Services for you: Inspections | Pictures  | Videos


Monitor Crops With Ease – Increase Yield And Decrease Effort.
  • Regularly inspect fields to rectify issues before they turn into problems.
  • Increase crop yield with careful management and progress monitoring.
  • Survey your land by creating an interactive map useful for planning.
Services for you: Mapping | Inspections | Photos


Gather data like never before to plan your project.
  • Map proposed job sites to identify problem areas and plan projects.
  • 3D mapping allows you to view models without spending time using CAD.
  • Videos and inspections make your job easier by collecting data in hard to reach places.
Services for you: Mapping | Inspections | Videos