Frequently asked questions
What is a drone services company?

A drone services company is a company that provides pilots and drones for a multitude of uses. Some of these uses are listed on our Services page and can range from photography to entertainment. Here at Seese Drone Services we also offer other services, such professional media processing.

Can anybody fly a drone?

Anybody could take the controller and fly the drone, however getting smooth shots and good data requires a lot of practice, and if you plan on using any of the data you get for commercial purposes instead of just flying as a hobbyist, the FAA requires that you pass an exam and follow a complicated set of rules.

Why should I use a drone services company?

Drone laws are very complicated, and the FAA requires that you be certified in order to fly a drone commercially. This is an expensive and time consuming process to do yourself. It also takes a very specific type of insurance to be insured against drone accidents. Seese Drone Services knows all of the applicable laws, is insured, and all pilots are FAA certified and highly trained.

How can drone services benefit my business or project?

People are figuring out new uses for drones every day. What we offer you depends on the needs of your business. Our Services page lists a variety of industries and some of the possible ways we can help you achieve your goals. If you’re still not sure, contact us online or by phone (724-728-7140) and we’ll be happy to have a discussion about what we can offer you.

What do drone services cost?

We work very hard to determine a fair price for every project, but unfortunately every project is different, so it’s hard to give an exact price range. Generally for shorter projects we will charge based on what you need produced (how many pictures you need, etc.) and for longer ones we will charge by the hour. If you are in real estate, we make it easy! Contact us and ask for our real estate pricing guide.

What kind of data can a drone collect?

Most drones are equipped with a powerful camera in order to capture high quality pictures and videos. However, since this camera is so powerful, it is also effective at producing other forms of data, such as high resolution 2D maps and precise 3D models. The drone can also collect exact GPS coordinates, and by replacing the camera, can carry infrared and thermal cameras, LiDAR, and many other payloads. The uses are almost endless!

Is there anywhere you can't fly a drone?

There are many places that we cannot legally fly a drone. If your project is located in very close proximity to an airport, or to a military base, or to a stadium during a professional sports game, there’s a chance we will not be able to fly in that area (or will have restrictions on how high we can fly). There are ways that you can check to see if you are in controlled or restricted airspace, but the best would be to contact us with the exact time and location of your project and we can let you know for sure.